What do You Need?

We have been doing this for over twenty five years. Corporate videos, training videos, exercise videos, marketing videos, campaign videos and social awareness videos. It always starts with the question; What do you need? 

Why a Film?

If a pictures is worth a thousand words then each frame of the film expands your story. A three minute film would have the impact of  over 3 million words.

The Message

"Tell the audience what you're going to say, say it;
then tell them what you've said."

— Dale Carnegie


Touch, smell, hear, see.  The last thing a person recalls is what they see.  Film is the visual connection that stays in the mind's eye. It is the residual memory that never goes away.

Corporate Services


Where do you start?
The single largest mistake any person can make is to assume they know, know what they want, what the message is and what is the correct medium for the message.

This is where we come in.  We are the challenger to your ideas.  We have been down these roads with countless clients and our job is guide you, ask the difficult questions and then get you the absolutely best services to fit your needs.

Media: Film and Audio

"the medium is the message"
Marshall McLuhan, 1964

We believe in the power of the visual image. We also believe that the platform fits the message and the audience.

AG Productions will work with our partners and clients to find the 'right fit' delivery platform to enhance, emphasize and effectively deliver the message.

Support Services

" There are two things that solve a problem, money and explosives.  I've got an idea!" Junkrat 2017

That moment that the idea hits, the epiphany moment, that is the moment to say, " Can I do this?" 
 AG Productions can bring writers, animators, video, audio and directorial specialists to help you achieve that goal without any explosives.

Social and Political Services


We were there inn the 1990's explaining to children why recycling was important. 

Your story is important and we approach it with sympathy and support.  Your message is important, your story needs to reach the public and you deserve the best vehicle to get your story out far and wide.

Reaching Your Audience

First and foremost we are a film and video company, but we will work with you to achieve your goals and reach the largest audience possible.

Instagram, TicTok, streaming or broadcast, we are able to produce the best videos and audio delivery  no matter which platform you choose.

Power of Politics

The message is powerful.
The thoughts are powerful.
The image is everlasting.
AG Productions works with you and your campaign to design the maximum effective delivery platform possible.  Writers, videographers, photographers will be brought onto your project to maximize the impact of your message. 

What you
get for your
budget dollars.

Every dollar you spend needs to return you a vote, a follower, a supporter and ultimately meet your goals.

Look at what you spend, now calculate the effective rate per dollar.  Did you get what you need? Want? 
AG Productions can and will help you achieve your goals and maximize your investment. 


On Time





Inside or
Outside of
the Box



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