The Folks Behind The Funnies

Status:  Distribution

The Folks Behind The Funnies is where we meet the creative genius behind our most beloved newspaper comic strips.

Twenty-One of the most famous North American cartoonists talk candidly about what makes them tick. The artists of Beetle Bailey, Dilbert, The Family Circus, Hagar the Horrible, For Better or For Worse, Dennis the Menace, Zits, and Cathy - just to name a few - give us an intimate glimpse into their unique perspective on life and The Funnies.

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Brothers and Sisters with

Different Mothers

Status: Initial filming

What really happens after the DNA test results come back and family secrets are revealed? 12 families, 16 children
face dark truths about their parentage and the living biological father at the heart of their stories.

First born Michael has stepped into the deep-end of truths when he opens the Pandora’s Box of DNA testing. While there are at least 16 known siblings, seven of them grapple with the common thread of tragedy and mystery caused by their father, the charismatic Ted.

As they unearth answers to their pasts, they face profound questions about family and the battle of nature vs. nature.

Center to the siblings' stories is Ted, an admitted Confidence Man and Casanova, who romanced women and fathered children for two
decades and then just walked away.

The 408

A Canadian Story

Status:  Pre-production

We know the impact World War II had on the soldiers, sailors and airmen that put their lives on the line in the fight for freedom. Many gave their lives, many were wounded. Those that returned home after the war carried scars that influenced their lives. This story follows the lives of three crews of The 408 Squadron, their days in the war and their days at home after the war.

Status:  Script Development

Queen of the Comstock

Currently in script development, this project will be going into production in the 2024-25 time window